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The Office of Technology Services (OTS) System Alerts Service is a alert-delivery method used to distribute timely information on major OTS services, unexpected outages, and maintenance schedules to the San Antonio College community. For questions concerning the system alerts, contact San Antonio College Helpdesk at (210) 486-0777 or send an email to SAC Help Desk.

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The Alamo Colleges phone system is currently experiencing a technical issue with the Caller Id function.    Inbound and outbound calls are transmitting the correct caller id.  Alamo phones display the number of the caller but not the caller id name.    The phone display may show a system generated generic caller id such as      “SIP – Sacin”.


We have isolated the issue and it is due to a problem with our telephone service carrier.     We are working diligently with the phone carrier to resolve this issue.


The phone system functionality is intact and there are no issues placing or receiving calls.  Only the Caller Id function is not working correctly.


Thank you,

Alamo Colleges Information Technology Services

System is slow or having intermittent downtimeisanchez8/26/20169/2/2016 7:00:00 AM